Facebook and Google Compete in Video Conferencing Solutions

With the number of COVID-19 cases passing the 3 million mark globally, I believe it will take a while for the world to become normal again. What the pandemic has done is nothing but devastating. Thanks to technology, social distancing and lockdowns become bearable.

We are able to communicate with loved ones across the globe or streets with multiple apps on smartphones or computers. One particular company, Zoom, becomes the star in this pandemic. By offering video conferencing solutions, it helps to bridge the gap of meeting people physically.

There are other solutions in the market but I guess Zoom’s ease of use and the ability to connect up to 100 participants on a free account helps (limited to 40 minutes on group meeting).

Popular Solutions

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Google Hangout

Of course, giant companies like Google and Facebook cannot let this golden opportunity slips.

Google Meet

Google is making Google Meet Premium video conferencing product free for everyone. Previously, consumers are using Google Hangouts for limited usage. With the announcement, Google Meet will replace Google Hangouts.

You can get notified once it is ready to roll out.

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Facebook Messenger Room

Unlike Google, Facebook does not have a video conferencing app for consumers. But that is going to change as they are introducing the Facebook Messenger Room.

With Facebook Messenger Room, participants can invite up to 50 people in a room without any time limit. And you don’t need a Facebook account to join in the fun.

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That is not all, as you know Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. These two services will also be enhanced. WhatsApp group call will be upgraded to allow 8 people at a time. And on Instagram, you can finally host live videos from your desktop.

There is a lot more information.

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