I Witnessed the Ring of Fire Annular Solar Eclipse

It was a magical moment. The moon comes between the Sun and Earth forming a ring-like effect on the Sun. This Ring of Fire phenomenon can only be viewed from a narrow strip on the Earth’s surface. Singapore is one of the places.

I was not prepared to view this Annular Solar Eclipse but knowing that the next one only happens in the year 2063, I know I have to do it.

Thankfully, equipped with my HUAWEI P30 Pro and using the blue-tinted windscreen (top part) of my car as a filter, coupled with cloudy weather, I was able to capture some nice images with the smartphone’s 50x zoom (digital+optical)

Here is a short video on the Annular Solar Eclipse (Ring of Fire) event that happens on the 26th of December 2019. Note that I am using the screen capture feature of the phone for this video.

Here are some more images.

The “ring” lasted about 2 minutes. I was in the north side and based on information, it is natural that I could not see the full ring. The social media exploded (at least on my feed) with pictures of the Solar Eclipse. Really grateful to be able to watch it “live”. Did you watch it?

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