OPPO Showcases “Waterfall Screen” Technology

OPPO today showcases a new “Waterfall Screen” technology. Visually, it is stunning as it makes the device almost bezel-less or borderless. For those who hate curve screen, I am not sure if this 88 degree (almost vertical) curve screen is for you.

Demonstrated on an unnamed device, OPPO pushes the limit of curve screen. It almost wraps the screen behind to form a borderless look.

Check out this video that I compiled based on OPPO’s media video.

I am not sure if the sides of the phone are sensitive to touch or not. For most curve screen, the issue is that when you grab the phone, you might accidentally touch the screen.

Here is a comparison with a “normal” screen.

Read the Press Release for the details.

Press Release

OPPO showcases “Waterfall Screen” technology, exploring ultimate design aesthetics and visual experience

29 July 2019, Singapore – OPPO today unveiled a prototype device featuring the “Waterfall Screen” design, which boasts a stronger visual impact due to an almost vertical 88° curved body that makes the device almost completely borderless. It represents OPPO’s innovative exploration of brand-new form factor of mobile phones. It also reflects OPPO’s continued exploration of full-screen technology and ongoing pursuit of ultimate aesthetics.

Exploration of new form factors and materials, as including the “Waterfall Screen”, is one of the five major fields of R&D at OPPO. OPPO is experienced in curved display design. Previously, the OPPO Find X featured a Panoramic Arc Screen design that achieves a screen-to-body ratio of 93.8%. The latest “Waterfall Screen” is one of OPPO’s new breakthrough in the exterior design of phones.

OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology and provides customers with a wide range of smart devices. Through the “Waterfall Screen” design, OPPO will deliver an ultimate immersive visual experience and innovative aesthetic to users.

About OPPO

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology, Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and R series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centres worldwide and an international design centre in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.