Create Your Scrapbook with Canon iNSPiC Instant Camera Printers

Thanks to Canon for the invite, I am now able to share with you my experience with the latest iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] Instant Camera Printers that were launched recently in Singapore.

Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore

The event was held at Dutch Colony Coffee Co at Fusionopolis (Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way, #01-01, Singapore 138632). It was a cozy setting with Canon folks and fellow media people and influencers.

Although we were there to understand more about the instant print cameras, we also learned a lot on coffee with the experienced barista there. We even tried coffee art. Guess which one is done by me.

To get to know more about the camera and its features, we were provided the Canon iNSPiC cameras to snap whatever we want and paste the pictures onto the paper provided like a scrapbook.

Here is my creation.

I did not expect that making these pages can be so therapeutic for me. I had fun making these pages using the materials provided (see below).

The below photo shows the Zink photo paper pack used for these instant print cameras. It has 20 sheets in each pack and costs S$15 per pack. BTW, each piece is a sticker too.

Check out the pretty cameras.

Here is another shot of the iNSPiC [C] range. Love the vibrant colors.

These are the family portrait of the Canon iNSPiC range. It consist of the iNSPiC [P] (printer only), iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S].

Do note that iNSPiC [P] is the original instant printer that was launched previously. Here are some images of it.

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iNSPiC [P]

According to Canon, this instant printer is well received by consumers. I think iNSPiC [C] and [S] will be even better since it is a two-in-one (Printer and camera).

iNSPiC [S]

This is the highest-end of the iNSPiC range. It has built-in ring light and Bluetooth for communication with the Canon app.

Front View

The design is very simple. It has a fixed-focus lens. No adjustment to make. Just point and shoot.

Back View

Here is the back design. It has a view finder, a button to switch between 2×3-inch or 2×2-inch photo format. It also has a button for reprint (of the last picture taken).

This is when the cover is opened out. It has a catridge slot for the paper.

It has a flash button (OffAuto/Fill), the power on button and the shutter button.

Top View

Bottom View

It has a charging port, a MicroSD Card Slot and a reset point.

Side View

Another side where the photo paper will come out once the printing starts.

iNSPiC [C]

The iNSPiC [C] is a much simpler camera. It has a small reflective piece so that you can see when you are doing a selfie.

It does not have a ring light and it also does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

Front View

Back View

The back is similar to iNSPiC [S]

Top View

Bottom View

Side View

This is the printing slot.

Comparison – Lens area

As you can see, the advantages of the lens for iNSPiC [S] over [C] is that it has a big mirror dome for selfie shot and a ring light to light up the subject.

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Accessories – Casing

Here are some very nice accessories to keep your iNSPiC instant camera printers.


After using the iNSPiC instant camera printers for a few hours, I can say that it is very easy to use. However, the viewfinder is a little tricky. You need to practice to get the framing correct or take a far shot on the object to avoid missing out the details.

My suggestion is to use the MicroSD card to practice (without loading in the paper). Another thing to take note is the printing speed. It is very slow. So, if you are printing, you might miss out some shots.

There is some buffer between shots but I did not really understand how many pictures can be buffered. Anyway, treat this as an instant camera that will print out the shot. It is not meant for speed.

Pricing and Availability

The iNSPiC [C] and iNSPiC [S] are available now at all authorised Canon dealers at the following recommended retail price.

Name, Model Number, Retail Price

  • iNSPiC [C], CV-123A, $159
  • iNSPiC [S], ZV-123A, $219

Have fun with it!