ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 Vacuum and Mopping Robot Review

Thanks to ECOVACS Robotics, I am able to review one of the award-winning products, the DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 Vacuum and Mopping Robot. I got this unit just a few days ago.

For this review, I will do it in two parts. This is part 1 where I share with you the unboxing, introduction, app installation and usage, including the integration of Google Home with it.

It might sound like a ton of things to do or learn to use the robot but it is not. Just remember, it is a simple robot that has two tasks to do, vacuum and/or mop the area that you designate.

Check out this video that includes – unboxing, walk-through, app setup, usage including Google Home.

Part 1: Unboxing Video and Google Home Demo

Here is screenshots of the Google Home where you can select the DEEBOT as part of Google Home experience.

On the left is the device brand selection on Google Home and on the right is the Google Home helpdesk which shows the various commands you can use on the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO Slim11.

Part 2: Video of DEEBOT Slim11 Mopping the floor with OZMO Technology

Pictures of DEEBOT OZMO Slim11

Here are more pictures of the robot. The shape of this robot is like most vacuum robot. As the name implies (Slim11), it is really slim.

On the bottom, it has the standard 2 side brushes but unlike other robots, it has an attachment for the mop (Cleaning Cloth Plate with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth).

Here is the cleaning cloth plate with the microfiber cleaning cloth attached.

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It is using a velcro-like surface to attach the cloth.

Here is a picture of the reservoir to store water for the mopping action.

This is when the reservoir is being pulled out.

According to ECOVACS, it is using OZMO Mopping technology where it evenly applies water when mopping.

OZMO™ Mopping Technology for superior cleaning

OZMO™ Mopping Technology utilizes an innovative electronic water pump and Reservoir that evenly applies water when mopping. Combined with powerful suction, this innovative mopping technology means the DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 delivers a thorough, comprehensive cleaning.

When you open up the top, you can see the Reset button, ON/OFF switch and the Dust Bin. If you notice, there is also a multi-function cleaning tool on top of it.

Here is a closer look at it.

There is a handle for the Dust Bin.

And here is the close up of the reset button and Power Switch.

This is the Docking Station

This is how it looks like when the DEEBOT is docked.

BTW, it comes with a remote control to start, stop the robot. Command it to return to base station or to perform edge clean or spot clean function.

If you don’t want to use the controller, you can download the ECOVACS Home app where you can control the robot or schedule it to perform tasks. One of the more interesting features is the Robot Messages. If the DEEBOT is trapped, it will alert you to help it get out of the situation.

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Highlights of DEEBOT OZMO Slim11

  • Low-Profile Design
  • OZMO™ Mopping Technology
  • Hard Floor Mode
  • Tangle-Free Intake
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Smart Functions

Smart ModeHard Floor Mode
Working ModeAuto  Spot  Edge  
Continuation ModeNO
Voice ReportNO
Carpet IdentifyNO
Anti-CollisionInfrared Anti-Collision Sensor  Bumper Rail  
Auto ChargingYES

Cleaning Performance

Working Time(min)100  
FilterFilter Net + Sponge + High Efficiency Filter  
Side BrushDual

Easy to Use

Time SchedulingYES
Remote ControlYES


Machine Weight (kg)2.5  
Max Door Sill Crossing (cm)14/13  
Noise Level (db.)(Standard/ Max, Intensive)68/71  
Dust Bin Capacity(ml)300  
Charging Time (h)Approx.4


This is NOT a conclusive summary as I have only used it for a short period of time. Here are my initial thoughts:


  • Slim profile is good to access low areas.
  • 2-in1 (Vacuum and Mopping) in one machine
  • Price is really affordable
  • Integration with Google Home or Amazon Echo
  • App to monitor the robot with messaging service to update the status


  • No photo mapping feature for homing results in longer time to return to base station on occasions.
  • Because of the springy wheels, it gets caught with cables around the house and sometimes it gets trapped on the carpet. If you read the manual, it states that you should clear the place properly before usage.

Overall, I love the 2-in-1 features and the pricing, Based on the pricing, you really cannot expect the bell and whistles of top products in the market which might cost 3 times more.

If you are interested, follow the link below as Lazada is having a promotion on it. Usual price is S$399 but during the special promotion period, it will be further reduced.

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Click Here to Check Out DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 and more on Lazada

Let me know if you need more information on it. BTW, did you know that ECOVACS Robotics has announced Chinese artiste Leo Wu as their new global ambassador? Go check him out.