Automatic Calories Tracker Healbe GoBe2 Review (Video)

If you think about active trackers, there are so many in the market. But if you want one that can automatically track your calories intake, there is only one, the Healbe GoBe2 tracker.

Thanks to Healbe, I got a review set in September. Finally, after wearing it for 2 months, I can do this review.

One of the reasons why I took my time to review the GoBe2 is because I really want to feel and understand how good/bad it is to wear a tracker that tracks calories, emotion and your drink intake.

But before that, here is the unboxing video that I did two months ago.

What’s in the box

Here is the content in the box.

Looking at it, it does not seem to be big.

However, if you compare it with my palm, you will realize that it is very bulky.

Here is the side with one button.

Here is the other side.

The most important part of the device is the back. It is where the sensors will pick up the data and translate them into information that we can read.

The strap is not the usual watch strap. It is very sturdy and well made.


Features  GoBe 2
Sensors 5 sensors:
Piezo sensor, Impedance sensor, Accelerometer, Temperature sensor, Galvanic Skin Response sensor
Accelerometer 9-axis accelerometer + gyroscope + magnetometer
Processor ATMEL SAM3
Bluetooth BLE113 (new generation)
Material Plastic
Flash memory NAND-flash
Dimensions 18.5 x 35.2 х 57.4 mm
Weight 45 g
Wristband size One size (min length 140 mm, max 240 mm)
Battery life More than 44 hours

How It Works

For this review, I am wearing it on my right wrist. But before you do anything, you have to charge your device. Based on my usage, it lasts about 1.5 days. As a precaution, I charge it every day.

Charging the GoBe2 is via a cradle. The box comes with a long Micro-USB cable (as shown below). It takes about an hour to fully charge the unit.

To explain how the GoBe 2 works, it is very complex and I cannot. I read through the paper and thought that this diagram is the easiest to understand.

Basically, GoBe2 measures what you digested and NOT what you consumed.

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Display on GoBe2

Here is how the readings are shown on the device.

From the picture below, it shows the Time, Battery, Pulse, Calories, Calories units, Steps, Distance and H2O (water intake). Note that for the hydration level to show, I will have to wear at least an hour before it will show the reading (low level or normal).

Display on the App

Here is how a typical reading on the app looks like.

On the left, it shows the current information from your device. On the right is the details if you click on the Energy Balance.

You can see the Calories intake and the Calories burned. And it further shows the activities that you have done.

Here is how a typical reading looks like on the same day but in the afternoon. You can see that basically, I did not consume a lot during these hours. Haha.

What amazes me is that it can show fat, carbs, and protein based on the readings. If you want to know if they are accurate, I cannot verify.

Here are the rest of the readings.

Hydration Level and Current Pulse

Stress Level and Night Sleep

For weight, you will need to key in manually. There is no interface/link to any smart weighing scale. However, you can connect the app to Google Fit.

The data on the GoBe2 is kept for one week and thereafter, it will be renewed. There is no option to keep the data.

Take Note

I have sensitive skin. About 1 month of wearing the device (I wear it almost 24 hrs daily except to charge it or when I went overseas for a few days in October), I saw that my skin is drying up on the contact portion of the sensors. This, I believe, is due to the fact that I have to wear it very tightly for the skin to contact the sensors.

On the back of the device where the plate touches my skin, it has also changed color.

I continued to wear it for the sake of this review. After 2 months of wearing it, I have recovered and I do not feel any irritation wearing it. Here is the latest picture that was taken on 6th November.

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Here is the back of the GoBe2.

I am not sure if the sensors will be working correctly or not. So far, I could not detect any issue.


After wearing for 2 months, I feel that I am more aware of my calories intake. For example, previously, I will calculate my calories based on the database of the food I ate.

If it is an apple, I will key in the calories of a typical apple and at the end of the day, I try to maintain the value below 2,000 calories.

Now, with this device, I don’t need to take down the calories of every food I take. Instead, I check (via the app) the balance I have each day to see if I have consumed more calories than I expended. If it is a negative value, I am happy.

In the initial weeks, I tend to look at the reading very often, causing the battery to deplete very fast. Once I got used to it, I only take a look at it just once or twice a day.

One of the features that I like is the reminder. I tend to drink very little water every day. With the reminder (and the low hydration level indication on the device), I will (try to) drink more.

On other readings like steps and emotion (stress level), I don’t usually care. For steps and distance, I already have other devices checking it (my watch and phone). For stress level, I don’t usually agree on it based on my actual mood and condition when I check it.

I looked through my results every week and it seems like my top issues are sleep and hydration.

Here is a rant on the device. I do not know why we cannot store the data. I would love to have these data for reference. There is a feature for exporting the data out. I synced it with Google Fit but not all the data are shown on Google Fit. I would like to see it on the app itself.

Pros and Cons

Here are my pros and cons about the GoBe2.


  • Calculate calories intake automatically
  • Timely reminder about your status – e.g. to drink water, your emotional state and etc
  • App to see all the details
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  • Battery life can be better
  • Data only stored for 1 week
  • Bulky design and not comfortable to wear it to sleep.
  • Slight irritation to the skin in the initial phase
  • Slow syncing of data on the app.


The Healbe GoBe2 is great for someone who counts the calories because it measures the actual intake.

Overall, I could not confirm my calories count vs the actual calories from the GoBe2. The reason is that the results will not show immediately. And who is right? The sensors on the GoBe2 or the calories that you input?

Depending on the individual, it might take hours before the food you consumed is translated into calories.

One of my biggest complaints of the device is the design. It is very big. It is very difficult to match the outfit. Thankfully, I don’t need to.

My advice. If you need one, you might want to consider to go bold and purchase the straps that come in bright orange or bright yellow.

That is it for the review.

The GoBe2 is retailing at USD199. Below is the website to find out more about GoBe2

And key in the promo code: techielobang for 10% discount.

You can also purchase the GoBe2 at Amazon

Remarks: Shipping fees apply

Let me know if you have any questions on the device and I will be happy to respond.