This is HUAWEI Mate20 X with the Massive Screen (video)

Just when you thought that Huawei Mate 20 Launch Event is over, Richard Yu (CEO, Huawei Consumer Business Group) announced “One More Big Thing”. It definitely caught our attention.

And true enough, he took out the another Huawei phone, the HUAWEI Mate20 X. Many were caught by surprises even though there were some leaks before this keynote.

The HUAWEI Mate20 X has a massive 7.2-inch screen and is targeted at mobile gamers and those who love to use their phones for entertainment or productivity purposes.

Physical look-wise, it looks like a bigger version of the HUAWEI Mate20. If you dig deeper, you will know that it is a hybrid of the Mate20 Pro and Mate20. You can read all about Mate20 Pro and Mate20 here.

For example, It has the Dewdrop Display that Mate20 has but is using OLED (instead of LCD).

It has the same camera configuration as the Mate20 Pro but does not have the in-screen fingerprint sensor. It has the usual fingerprint sensor on its back.

It does not have the invisible speaker like the Mate20 Pro. It has the standard speaker on the bottom. Based on the presentation, it is 120% louder than the latest iPhone.

On the top, it has the 3.5mm jack which is similar to Mate20.

Battery-wise, it has a built-in battery of 5,000mAh.

With that massive battery and Kirin 980 chipset, it is able to last longer than the latest iPhone XS Max when playing games.

Based on the presentation, it is also cooler (literally) to play games on the Mate20 X.

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Huawei says that they are able to achieve this with the choice of material and the in-built technology.

This is how it looks like in exploded view.

In the demo area, Huawei has built a mock-up of the internal cooling system.

Here is some comparison for your reference.

As mentioned earlier, HUAWEI is targeting mobile gamers and Richard Yu is not just saying mobile phone gamer. Check out this accessory, the Gamepad.

It can supposedly transform the Mate20 X into a Nintendo Switch-alike handheld gaming console.

You can also use the additional HUAWEI M-Pen (sold separately) to write on the Mate20 X. It has 4,096 level of pressure. Just a note. There is no way to store the M-Pen into the phone.

Finally, if you are interested, here are the product specs.

Do head down to their official site for more details.

Click Here to HUAWEI Mate20 X

In summary, the massive HUAWEI Mate20 X is trying to become the best of gaming and productivity. Indirectly, in my opinion, it is challenging its competitors (Apple iPhone XS Max, Samsung Note9, Nintendo Switch) with a phone that can do “everything”.

There is no data yet on how good the Mate20 X is. We shall wait and see. FYI, the Mate20 X will not be coming to Singapore. It will be available in selected markets only.

Check out this short video on the HUAWEI Mate20 X