Meet Disney Stuntronics, the Android Stuntmen (Video)

In the near future, if you visit Disneyland, you might be taken for a ride on how incredible and fearless their stuntmen are. They might be doing unimaginable stunts with precision but they are not human. Meet the Disney product, the Stuntronics.

They are not real stunt doubles or stuntmen. They are robots that look like human, and even pose like a superhero in mid-air without breaking a sweat.

Check out this video.

These robots or Androids are capable of making decisions while executing the movements. According to TechCrunch, the Stuntronics robot features on-board accelerometer and gyroscope arrays supported by laser range finding.

The robot when slung from the end of a wire to fly through the air, can control its pose, rotation, and center of mass to perform the tricks and also to do them accurately every time.

So, in my opinion, we might be seeing such doubles or stuntmen on the sets of movies replacing the human stunt doubles. Of course, the debate of robot taking over human’s jobs will again be in the spotlight.

I am actually amazed at how fluid the Stuntronics are executing the stunt. From far, you might mistake them that they are human.

What is your take?

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