Which is the Actual Samsung Galaxy S9

As Samsung Unpacked is just around the corner (25th or 26th February depending on your timezone), there are a few leaks that further affirm the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S9. However, recently, two versions of the leaked pictures show a single and dual rear camera.

Based on sources, Samsung may not change the outlook of the Galaxy S9. Instead, they will continue to shrink the bezel by just a little, and shift the fingerprint sensor to below the rear camera. And there will be S9 (might be 5.5-inch) and S9+ (might be 6.2-inch).

What is interesting is that a recent leak shows that the S9 might come with just one rear camera. If this is true, it has followed the footstep of the Google Pixel 2.

So, what do you think? Which one will be the real Samsung Galaxy S9?

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