Samsung Galaxy S9 Teasers Show Latest Features? (Video)

Caught these three teasers at Samsung Korea YouTube Channel. Each of them seems to hint about a new feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 which will be launched during the Samsung Unpacked 2018 on 25th February 2018 (26th February in Singapore).

What do you think they are? Check out this short video which I compiled. Do you know what Samsung is trying to show us?

In my opinion, I think they are trying to show super slow motion feature which, at the moment, Sony Xperia seems to be winning. Next, it might be the low light capability which has become a feature in most premium phones. And lastly, I believe it got to do with Animoji. Since Apple launched the Animoji on iPhone X, there is a lot of interest in it. I bet Samsung will not want to lose out on this.

What is your take on this? Share it in the comment below.

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