Ehang 184 Personal Drone Takes Flight to Deliver Gifts (video)

If you are still doubtful that the China-made Ehang 184 personal drone is a reality, this video might make you a little confident. Touted as the first personal drone in the market, I am sure there are a lot of doubts about the safety and stability of it.

In this video, you can check out if it is comfortable to fit a person.

And here is the command and control center of the Ehang 184 drones.

Here is the flight information delivered in real time to the Command and Control Center.

Here is the Ehang 184 in flight mode, remote-controlled from the control center.

There is a small compartment at the back where you can store some light bags. In the video, it says that they are working with US to use Ehang 184 to deliver human organs to save lives. I think this is a fantastic idea since when you are in the air, there are no worries about road traffic.

Check out the video.

Hopefully, with more testing, it can be commercialized.

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