Digital Parking Coupon From October 2017 (Video)

With advances in technology, our current parking coupon system seems like it has not progressed at all, not until now. App is going to be available from October. Goodbye to tearing those parking coupons (at least for those who hate it).

What is app? It is an app to complement the current parking coupon system for coupon parking carparks. Check out this video.

You can still continue to use the existing parking coupon when parking your vehicle. However, with app, there are a few benefits that the current coupon system cannot provide.

  • You can save the trouble of buying 60 cents or S$1.20 parking coupons.
  • You can estimate the duration to park your vehicle and gets a refund if you end your parking session earlier.
  • You can extend the duration of your parking simply by using the app and not needing to go to the vehicle to tear a parking coupon.

But there are a few things you also need to know: –

  • You will need the app on your phone. So, you must own an Android or Apple smartphones.
  • The carpark code becomes very important. You will need to know it to key into the app.
  • You will need a credit or debit card to start using the app.
  • The app is limited to cars only for now. Motorcyclists or heavy vehicles will have to wait.
  • If you key in the wrong details, you will still get the fine.

I suggest you click HERE to read all the FAQ.

This, in my opinion, is something that should have been done a long time ago. What took you so long? I am sure many of you might have asked the same question. Don’t you think so?

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Click Here to Check Out Official Site

PS: The app will only be available for download from 1st October on Google Playstore or Apple App store.