An Honest Review of the TrackR pixel

Thanks to TrackR, I got my hand on the TrackR pixel some time ago. I did not really use it until recently.  TrackR pixel is a tiny gadget. Its main job is to let you know where it is. So, you can utilize the TrackR pixel by keeping it on your items – backpack, keys and etc.


An example of its usage. You can hang on your backpack. Using the app (on IOS or Android), you can easily track its location if it is within range. If it is not within range, it will at least show you the last recorded location. One of the unique features of TrackR pixel is crowd GPS. With crowd GPS, it can utilize the nearby users to update its location so that you will know where it is.

First Impression

My first impression of the device is that it is very small. I wish the packaging can be smaller (although the packaging is very nice). Here are some pictures of it.



The TrackR pixel comes in different packages. The one that I have is a single device. It also comes in 3, 5 or 8 packaging.



The only accessories that are in the box are the key loop to hang the TrackR pixel and an adhesive patch to secure it to some area.


The device – TrackR pixel

As mentioned, the device is very small with only a button on top of it. When you have setup the device properly, you can use the button to ring your smartphone. So, when you forget where you place your phone, just press this button. If within range, the phone will ring even if it is placed in silent.

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Here is TrackR on my finger to show how small it is.


Here is the back view. The open/close is actually to open the back cover. The battery is inside it.


The side view which shows that it is quite thick.


When activated, blue lights can be seen from the side.


The App

The app is very simple to use. For the first time, you will need to register an account and setup the device. Choose the device that you have and follow the instructions.


If you already have a device and wish to add more devices, just select “Add New Device” in one of the menus.

From the main page on the app, you should be able to see your device location on the map. FYI, I have named my Trackr pixel as JTpixel and I have chosen a backpack icon to represent it.


The app has strength indicator to let you know how near or far your device is. It does not show you the distance of the device from the phone. It is just a strength indication. And it has the sound icon where you can press it to activate the device (if it is within range).

Vice-versa, as mentioned earlier, the button on the device is also to help you locate your phone by ringing it even though your phone might be in silent mode.

Real World Usage

Ok, here is my experience using this little device. I did not use the key loop provided as it looks fragile and I don’t intend to hang the device outside my backpack. So, I placed it in the front pouch of my backpack. Immediately, I see the signal strength of the device dropped even if I am quite near to it.

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I did not always turn on the app to see. But if I do, it is usally accurate to show the current location if I am within range or the last location if I am out of range of the device. Most of the time, if I pressed the icon on the app to locate the device, it will sound out. However, on some occasions, it did not activate even if it is within range. I have to try a few times to get it right.

The range is too short when I placed it inside my backpack. One of the reasons might be because I have a thick leather backpack. The signal is already weakened by it.

The battery compartment is hard to access. If you watch the YouTube video, it seems easy to just “twist and open” it. I have to try it for some time to get a hang of it.



Overall, the TrackR pixel gives you a peace of mind knowing that you have the means to track it if you misplace it. For crowd locate feature to work effectively, you will need a lot of people to use the devices.

Will I use it? Yes, of course. It is like “put and forget” until I need to locate it. Price-wise, although not very steep, will still put people off. Design wise, I hope it can be better. For example, I don’t see an o-ring on the back cover. That means water might seep in if it is under the rain. The signal could be stronger as most (I believe) will keep it out of sight.

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Currently, the TrackR pixel is sold at S$38 each in various colors. You can purchase it at:

Thank you TrackR (via AXTRO) for letting me try out this device.