Coral Blue and Bronze Pink for Flagship Smartphones

It seems that the trend of manufacturers releasing previously unannounced smartphone colors is not going to stop. When everyone is going for the existing colors in the market, some will wait for such occasions when manufacturers release new colors for their flagship smartphone models.


There is no specs change. Just a color difference could enhance the sales of such flagship models. Just last week, Sony and Samsung announced new color to their flagship models of smartphone. Currently, most smartphones are looking similar. This color difference might just be the opportunity for you to differentiate from the crowd.

Bronze Pink on Sony Xperia™ XZ Premium

Following the launch of the Sony Xperia™ XZ Premium in June, we’re pleased to announce that the flagship will soon be available in a third colour variant – “Bronze Pink”.  The rosy pink hue will be rolling out progressively from selected retailers starting from 8 July. The Xperia XZ Premium comes at a suggested retail price of S$1098, joining the current color selection, which includes “Deepsea Black” and “Luminous Chrome”.

Coral Blue on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ in Coral Blue, which comes with a built-in memory of 64GB2, will be available from 8 July 2017 at a recommended retail price of S$1,148 and S$1,298 respectively. It will be available at all local telecommunication operators, major consumer electronics stores, authorised mobile retailers, Samsung Experience Stores and Lazada Singapore.