CEE 2017: Mobot Knight II and Glite X1 Cross (video)

Visited CEE 2017 on the last day. My intention was to check out the PEV/PMD at the show. There were actually a number of booths promoting these PMDs. I specifically went to two of them as I think their products, Mobot Knight II and the Glite X1 Cross, are the best among the rest.


As more people in Singapore are using PEVs as transport on a daily basis, it is important to know what you want and what they provide. Always check for their safety features and whether they are compliant with AMAP’s recommendations.

The two models that I have checked out are compliant. They are not cheap. Both are above S$1k price range. Both have seats and are foldable for easy transport. However, are they the one that you are looking for?

Here are their specs: –


If you are a tall person (1.8 and above), I don’t think they are suitable. The height of the seat is non-adjustable for both of them. I am not tall but I already find it a little uncomfortable sitting on them. This is my personal opinion.

The Mobot Knight II requires your leg to bend backward while the Glite X1 Cross requires you to put them in the forward position. Both are equally uncomfortable unless the length of your legs fits the foot supports nicely.

My opinion is that the Mobot Knight II is more comfortable. If you have the intention to push these PMDs to take public transport, you may need to practice. Bringing it up a bus might be challenging unless you think that carrying almost 20kg of weight is no problem for you.

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In terms of safety features, both have them. In terms of innovative design, both have their great designs. For Mobot Knight II, it has detachable battery, key for starting and locking the PEV, built in display, lights and big wheels for stability. For Glite X1 Cross, it has built-in USB port, a fork design suspension that is hidden in the body, 2 tubeless rear wheels with drum brakes and a front tube wheel with motor hub that has regenerative brake. One of the more interesting features or designs is that the 2 rear wheels will not lift the ground when turning left or right.


Here is a video (360 degrees) of the two PEVs.

Click Here to Check Out Glite X1 Cross


Click Here to Check Out Mobot Knight II