ASUS Star Wars themed Zenfone Zoom S Launch Event on Yacht (Video)

ASUS launched the Zenfone Zoom S last Thursday on a yacht. As it was on the 4th of May, the theme of the event was Star Wars related. Some of the invited actually took the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters. I only wore my Superga X Star Wars shoes.

P1350257m The event venue is at Marina South Pier, and on a yacht. It has been a while since I visited that area. Parking is a nightmare (if you want to park with their limited carpark slots).

Here is the yacht. You can see the full view of the yacht in the video below (I flew my drone around it).


Check out the video.

Here are some pictures of the guests in Star Wars characters. Can you identify them?

Jango Fett




Kylo Ren


And of course, Darth Vader, “supplied” by ASUS.


Wilson under “attack” by Darth Vader. Actually, he just touched him and he is still drinking fruit punch. Maybe the force is strong here. Haha.


One of the most impressive features of the ASUS Zenfone Zoom S is the low light capability of the rear camera. ASUS is so confident that they have a box with different lighting conditions and challenge you to take a picture of what is shown inside with your handphone. At the end of the event, nobody claimed that they can do it.


Here are the different lighting conditions on the box.


And here is the picture that you will see. Under the extreme low light condition, it is almost impossible to see what is in it, and the Zenfone Zoom S is able to take the image inside the box. Awesome. Of course, in my opinion, nobody will shoot in this condition and the image is, I believe, unusable with the noise.

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Here is the front view of the Zoom S.


Here is the rear view. Notice the dual lens?


With such a slim body, it packed a 5,000mAh battery. Very impressive. The media were able to use the Zenfone Zoom S to take pictures as part of a contest. Unfortunately, I did not copy the pictures out. Taking pictures with it is a breeze. It has a lot of manual functions which I like. I also love the built-in photo editor. It has a lot of nice features, like curves and etc that you can adjust your photo.

Overall, I feel that those who are serious about mobile photography will appreciate the features of the Zenfone Zoom S. That is it. A short event write-up of ASUS Zenfone Zoom S launch in Singapore. Thank you, ASUS, for the invite.