Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link Demo (Video)

Today, I tried out the EZ-Link latest wearable, a personal fitness tracker cum EZ-Link wrist band, and I must say that it is very easy to use. As I was pushing my Ninebot Mini Pro in MRT stations, it makes my life slightly easier as I do not need to dig out my EZ-Link card to tap in or out.


The Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link will be available from 24th January 2017 at S$42.80 via EZ-Link online store. Here is the full Press Release if you are interested to know more about it.

To top up the EZ-Link wearable, you can go to the usual top up station to do it. In my case, I used the EZ-Link Mobile app to top up (via NFC). Do note that a S$0.30 will be charged to use the service.

Here is the actual device (minus the rubber strap). The model is Sharkey and made by Watchdata.


Here is the back where you can find the CAN ID..


Here is the app you will need to download. And on the right shows the screenshot of one of the missing feature in this app – Top Up (therefore, you need to download the EZ-Link Mobile to top up).


Nevertheless, it is able to display the transaction history (before and after).


Here is the short demo of using this wearable.

I have no problem tapping in/out. However, I need to twist my hand a little to do it. I can imagine how convenient it will be if you used it during your daily commute. BTW, it can be used at stores that support EZ-Link payment.

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The “inconvenience” part is that I will need to charge the wearable regularly in order to use the EZ-Link feature. I have been wearing it for 2 days and the battery had dropped a few bars. Will continue to monitor how good the battery is.

Let me know if you have any questions.