Is it time to break up?

Breaking up is a tough decision. You might be out of your comfort zone and you might actually make the wrong decision after you break up. However, when the time is ripe, you got to do it. I am not talking about relationship but it is similar.


As someone who has been on M1, then to StarHub and finally to Singtel, I can say that every decision (to break up) is hard because you are (somehow) tied down by some of their plans. However, one virtual telco, Circles.Life, is willing to do something different to break you out from them.

Here is the information from them:

From 7 November 2016, Circles.Life, Singapore’s only fully digital telco, will offer new users a shoulder to lean on when they break-up with their existing telco contract. Users will receive up to 12GB /month of Break-up Bonus Data (on top of the existing 4GB which comes with the standard plan) when they break their contract to port a number over to Circles.Life. The standard plan only has you paying only SG$28 per month for a no-contract plan that also comes with Free Caller ID and Free Unlimited WhatsApp! This means you free up more money per month to allow for more fun with your circles of friends.

For every remaining 1 month left on an existing contract with your existing Telco partner, Circles.Life will reimburse you with an additional 2GB Break-up Bonus Data x No. of months left in your previous contract (up to 12GB) to ease the separation.

Besides the Break-up Bonus Data of up to 12GB per month, users can always rack up even more Unlimited Bonus Data absolutely free. One of the easiest ways is to refer family and friends to the network (each referral gives you 200MB per month extra and gives your friend SG$20 off their Registration Fee).

Nothing is free is this world. If you break your contract early, you have to “pay back” the differences (depends on telcos) to get out. Please read the terms and condition before you commit. However, once you have joined Circles.Life, you will be able to enjoy more data at lesser or zero cost.

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For me, I just pay the S$28 monthly and got many “freebies” data increase from them. And if that is not good enough, you can get people to join via your referral code (Use my referral code JOETEH to get S$20 off registration fee) and you will get 200MB free. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

However, recently, if you have noticed, the Telcos are getting back into the game by increasing the bundled data with very low fees. In my opinion, Circles.Life may have to think of something different in near future to “up” the game with these big boys.

So, maybe you might be curious if I have broken up with my Telcos over Circles.Life. The answer is…





Circles.Life is like a “mistress” or “lover”(小三 for guys or 小白脸 for ladies). It seems complete but it is not, and for that, I will not ditch my current Telco. Unless Circles.Life can improve on their current plan to add in more perks for overseas support (attractive data roaming plan), it might not be able to attract people like me.

For now, Circles.Life is indispensable as a hotspot for my data usage locally 🙂