The Cheapest 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal, Snoppa M1 (Video)

If you have been looking for a electronic gimbal or stabilizer for your smartphone, you may want to check out Snoppa M1. Based on the video, it is really good looking. What is even more attractive is the price. At USD69 (USD59 sold out), it is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest electronic gimbal around.



You may be curious why it is so cheap.

The answer is simple. Snoppa M1 is from a crowd-funding project (Indiegogo). Usually, crowd funding contains certain risk that the product may fail to be produced. However, based on my good experience with Snoppa Go (An electronic stabilizer for GoPro), I am sure Snoppa M1 will make it to my hand 🙂 . Check out the video.

I have been looking at Gimbal for smartphone for the longest time. Those with good specs are not cheap (a few hundred dollars). Those that may seem cheap may not be good. For Snoppa M1, the specs looks really good (with time-lapse feature) and the pricing is super affordable.  Here is the specs.


If you want to take some risk and invest in a crowd funding project for a gimbal, don’t miss out this one.

Click Here to Check Out Snoppa M1


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