DJI Mavic Pro Delivery Date Pushed Back (Updated)

Update: DJI has updated their delivery status of the Mavic Pro as of 21st Oct. They are shipping!!

If you have ordered your DJI Mavic Pro during the pre-order period, you might be anxiously waiting for the delivery date as it was mentioned to be in mid-October 2016. Today, many received an email from DJI and also got an update on the delivery on the DJI Online Store.


However, instead of a delivery date, we got a message which is almost like no update because it did not mention any delivery date or estimated delivery date. It only asked the customers to be patient. Here is the actual email message.

Dear Customers,

We said at our Mavic Pro launch event that we would begin shipping in mid-October. We’ve just passed that, and if you’re wondering where your Mavic Pro is, we’d like to offer an update.

Since unveiling the Mavic Pro, we’ve had amazingly strong global demand. Production is in full swing, and we will be fulfilling orders as fast as we can. 

If you have a DJI customer account, we’ll be sending you updates,  or you can check for new information in our online store

We thank you for your enthusiasm and patience and for being a DJI customer.

Adam Najberg
Global Director of Communication

If you want to order the Mavic Pro now, the delivery date is “within November”. So I am thinking that for those that pre-ordered, the delivery should be end-Oct or early/mid November (my opinion).

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Having said that, DJI has created something unprecedented (small, portable and powerful drone) and based on the Mavic Pro reviews posted online so far, all of them are good or excellent. It is no wonder that DJI has a hard time fulfilling the orders.

To quench your “thirst” while waiting for your drone, below is the link to download the DJI Mavic Pro Quick Start Manual.

Click Here to Download the DJI Mavic Pro Quick Start Guide