Fidget Cube for Your Fidgeting Needs (video)

Fidgeting is a common phenomenon amongst many of us. Sometimes, your hand, fingers, legs will start to shake or make small movements automatically, creating an impression of impatience or nervousness. If you have such symptoms, you might be fidgeting. At Kickstarter, someone actually invented something so simple that might temporary help you with your behavior.


It is called the Fidget Cube and its main purpose is to let you focus by fidgeting with the cube. It looks like a dice and each side features something to fidget with – Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin. Currently, it has reached more than USD3.4 million of the targeted USD15,000. That is about 22,000% funded as of this writing.

Technically, it does not stop you from fidgeting. Instead, it helps you by focusing your fidgeting on the cube.

If you have this habit of fidget, or have friends who fidget, remember to show this Fidget Cube. I am sure your friends or yourself will benefit. Here is a short introduction video of this project.

Click Here to Check Out Fidget Cube on Kickstarter


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