Play Classic Games on Google Search Now

Today, Google launches some classic games on Google Search. If you type in “Solitaire”, “Pacman” or “tic tac toe” on Google Search, you will be able to play them right away.¬†There might be more games aka “easter eggs”.


Actually, Google Singapore had sent me a deck of special cards a day before the launch so that I can try to figure out what the games are. By arranging them (like jig saw puzzle), you can form up a bigger picture. There are hints on it. Obvious ones are Tic-Tac-Toe and PacMan. Can you find the others?

I tried out a few games. Here is how it looks like if you play these classic games (by keying them on Google Search) on mobile.


As I mentioned earlier, the deck of cards from Google is special. It does not have the usual numeric found on normal cards. Instead, it has sentences with blanks or names that might be related to a number. Check out the picture below (Click on it for the original resolution if you wish to play the guessing game). You will need to be able to answer them before knowing what is the number on the card (or you can try Googling for the answers).


So, have fun playing these games.

Thank you Google SG for the deck of cards.