Car-Free Sunday in Singapore (video)

In February this year, LTA declared that part of the CBD area will be car free on the last Sunday of the month. Originally, no PEV/PMD were allowed on Car Free Sunday. Thankfully, they changed their mind after the first Car-Free Sunday, maybe due to what he observed and his opinions on the first Car Free Sunday. Finally, I attended my first Car-Free Sunday yesterday. It was fun.



I think the definition of fun is based on individual. In my opinion, it depends on who you want to spend it with. The circuit (or the route) is just 5km long and void of cars. So, you can either take a leisure walk, jog, skate (inline, skateboard, long board), scoot, bike or travel on your mobility devices on the road.


I chose to spend my first Car-Free Sunday with the gang from The Wheelies. I am actually the odd one out as I am traveling on my Ninebot Mini Pro instead of electric uniwheels. Nevertheless, they are a friendly branch and welcome me without hesitation.


Here is a short video of my Car Free Sunday.

Here is part of the gang crossing the road.



Some shots of the CBD area.



Most activities are along St. Andrew’s Road, just outside the National Gallery Singapore. Selfie sticks and taking selfies are the highlights of the event (so it seems).


And owners are bringing their pets for rides. Here is one of them.


Group shot after the event.



I can see that many efforts are being planned to make the Car-Free Sunday more interesting (e.g. Families for Life, Road Safety Clinic). In my opinion, the novelty might just wane off (just like Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road) if there is no change to the route or activities, . More awareness about Car-Free Sunday should be created in order to attract more people.

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Overall, it is a positive experience for me.