Dyson Launches Dyson Pure Cool Link in Singapore (video)

Thanks to Dyson, I was invited to the launch of their new product in Singapore, the Dyson Pure Cool Link. It has two variants, Tower and Desk. The Dyson Pure Cool Link has built in air purifier and odor removal features. It will be available in Singapore from end-May and end-April for the Desk version (S$699) and the Tower version (S$1,099) respectively .


During the event, Dyson also introduced their in-house Dyson app, Dyson Link, for Android and iOS (iOS version target to be available from end-April). I am very impressed with its features. More about that later.

Here is the close up of the Dyson Pure Cool Link. It has up to 10 speed. In my opinion, the highest speed is a little noisy. However the reason for the noise is because it is sucking the air from the environment and pushing it out. It is not due to the custom DC motor.





What many did not know is how it works. Some Purifier actually reduced the output of the air to such extent that it cannot really perform as a fan. For Dyson, the purification is via HEPA filter and carbon filter which is capable of trapping small particles and odor from the air.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link will suck in the air from the environment which will go through the HEPA filter. The motor will then push the clean air through it. That is the reason why the Dyson fan output is strong even with the filter. The motor is used to push the clean air directly and not through some filter. Therefore, it will not diminish the “power” of the air.

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Here is the filter in action.

#Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower in action.. Cleaning the air with hepa filter..

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On the internal, This is how the 360° Glass HEPA filter looks like. Unfortunately, it is NOT washable. You will need to purchase it once the filter lifetime is up.


On the internal, it has the carbon filter to trap the odor.


Here is the casing and the filter.


And it doesn’t stop here. The Dyson Pure Cool Link has built in sensors that will track the air quality and adjust the speed of the Dyson Pure Cool Link accordingly. Here is the compartment holding the sensors.


Some facts (copied) about the Dyson Pure Cool Link.


  • The Dyson Pure Cool™Link purifier fan is Dyson’s first ever connected purifier.
  • The machine uses a high-efficiency 360° Glass HEPA filter. This is a glass media filter made from constructed borosilicate microfibers. This filter has been pleated over 200 times, meaning it can trap minute particles – as small as 0.1 microns. It also removes pollen, allergens, odours and pollutants.
  • It has a layer of activated carbon granules to capture odours and harmful toxins like paint fumes, cigarette smoke and cooking smells.
  • The Dyson Pure Cool™ purifier fan will clean the air in any size room.
  • It oscillates to project, and circulates, purified air across the whole room.
  • The machine can also be used in the summer as a fan. This means it circulates purified air around the whole room, all year round.
  • The Dyson Pure Cool purifier fan is the only one accredited with the QuietMark. So with a build-in sleep timer, it’s engineered for night-long purification.
  • It takes less than 60 seconds to replace the filter. And only after a year of continuous use (based on 12 hours usage a day).
  • The filter is non-washable. A new filter can be purchased at www.dyson.com/filter
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Dyson Link App

The Dyson Link App is very impressive. I believe the Dyson Pure Cool Link is the first IOT purifier in the market. With the app, you can actually perform quite a number of things that the remote controller (provided as a standard) cannot do.

For example, on the app, it has a air quality monitoring feature for the outdoor (via air quality data analytics company, BreezoMeter) and indoor (via the sensors on the Dyson Pure Cool Link). Once setup to link with the home/office network, you can literally control the Dyson device from anyway in the World (with Internet Connection). Here is a look of how the app looks like.


You can add in more devices and name them accordingly. You can also set timer to start/stop the fan. If you are a micro-manager, you can set the time and day precisely to your liking. There is also a night mode on the Dyson Pure Cool Link. Once set, it will automatically dim the LED on the device and also reduce the motor speed to 4 (you can manually increase it if you want).

Overall, I feel that although as a fan, Dyson products seems a little steep (in price). If it has a built in purifier feature, I think that it is on-par or lower than competition. Thank you Dyson for taking the pain to answer my many questions. I have learned a lot from this session.