How to See Filtered Messages from Facebook

When I first saw a post on how to see filtered messages from Facebook, I did not think that I would also get so many of them. I did not know that Facebook actually “act smart” and filtered these messages. Here is how you can see them. Don’t be surprised on what you saw.


The easiest way to see them is using the Messenger app. As an example, I am using an Android Messenger app for Facebook.

How to see filtered messages: –

  1. Open Facebook Messenger app on phone
  2. Click on the top right icon.
  3. Click on “People”.
  4. Click on “Message Request”.
  5. Scroll down to the last message. You should see “SEE FILTERED REQUESTS”. Click on it and have fun reading those messages.




Why would Facebook want to filter these requests and based on what criteria? I guess nobody, except them, will know. Maybe because of this “feature”, you might have lost some good opportunity for collaboration and etc.

Thanks Facebook but NO THANKS to act so smart.


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