Infographic: New OBS Campus to Open at Coney Island

As you may have heard the news, the new OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) Campus will be opened at Coney Island. Targeted to complete by 2020, it will blend in the rustic nature of the island. Here is an Infographic on it and some facts about the OBS expansion.


Facts about OBS @ Coney

The new OBS campus at Coney Island (OBS @ Coney) will enable OBS to expand its capacity and, together with its existing campus on Pulau Ubin, provide all young Singaporeans with the opportunity to attend OBS during their upper secondary years. It will provide a common experience for all young Singaporeans.


Location of OBS campuses on Pulau Ubin and proposed campus on Coney Island

  1. The OBS @ Coney campus will be rustic and blend in as much as possible with the surroundings.
  2. It will occupy 12-ha or about 10% of Coney Island, as shown in the area highlighted in yellow below. Coney Island remains open for the public to enjoy.


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