Meet the Super Light Weight e-Scooter, ZERO

If you have been looking out for light weight e-scooter or electric scooter, check out ZERO, the latest addition at Falcon PEV. Usually, the weight of an electric scooter is above 10kg. For ZERO, it weighs only 6.3 kg. In my opinion, this  is the lightest e-scooter I have seen, so far.


On the exterior, it doesn’t look like an e-scooter. The reason for its light weight, I believe, is the carbon fibre material for its body. Performance wise, it is on par with most e-scooter (based on specs). However, do note that it has a rather small wheels – 5-inch. I believe it doesn’t come with suspension. With its small wheels, it might be a little bumpy on rough road.


Here are the close ups of the handle bar, folding joint and the rear wheel.



The ZERO features an EABS Microelectronic Control Brake System and Mechanical Rear Brake Assist for braking. It has also in-built speedometer and odometer that allows you to keep track of your travel journey. BTW, it also come with a LED headlight.

Check out the specs.


Cost-wise, it is on the high side. The Suggested Retail Price is S$1,499 (incl. GST) for the 20-25km model.

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