Don’t Get a Standing Desk, Get Levit8 (video)

Here is a Kickstarter campaign from Singapore. Levit8 is a super affordable and portable standing desk solution. If you are thinking of getting a standing desk, check out Levit8 first. As more people are health conscious, working on the computer while standing up has become very common (sitting too many hours everyday is not good for your body).


I think to get your boss to provide you with a standing desk might not be so easy. Moreover, the current designs in the market are often bulky or pricy. In fact, I had come across a few on Kickstarter and I think they are not as portable or versatile as Levit8.

Levit8 helps you to extend the desk so that you can work on your computer while standing up. Using a very old school folding concept, the Levit8 can easily levitate your computer to a standing level with just a twist. Check out this video.

You might say that you can also do this by stacking up other objects to place your computer. However, if you look at the footprint of the Levit8, it is hard to beat. BTW, the Kickstarter project has already hit their target.

It has three sizes to cater for different build (your height). My only complain about this project is the lead time. You will need to wait till mid of 2016 before you can get the product. That, to me, is a little too long.

Click Here to Check Out Levit8


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