GB Pockit Stroller transforms to small a package in seconds (video)

One of the biggest problems for parents taking their children out with strollers on public transport is how inconvenient the stroller can be due to it size. If  it is too big, it is inconvenient. If it is too small, it is not comfortable for the children.


Thankfully, one company did not stop reinventing the stroller. Check out GB Pockit that can transform itself from a stroller into a package that is the size of a handbag in a few seconds.

It has two modes. One is compact and the other is ultra compact. Both are able to transform the stroller into a rectangular package for easy storage.

From Mashable:

Measuring at 12″x14″x7″ folded and weighing only 9 pounds, the stroller becomes small enough to fit underneath the seat of an airplane, according to the company.

It will be available in Spring 2016 with an anticipated retail value of $229.

Not sure if this product will be in Singapore or not. I am sure some parents will be happy to use it. The only “issue” I see from the video is that it has to be operated (to collapse or expand the stroller) using both hands. Some parents may not have luxury of an additional hand to do that (as the child needs to be carried).

Another “issue”, which I don’t think will be a big, is that it cannot be used as a child car seat. Of course, if you are traveling on public transport like train or bus, this “issue” is non-existent.


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