Local AiRazor Products Purify Air Effectively and Cheaply

If you have been thinking of buying air purifier to fight the haze recently, do take some time to check out local Singapore brand, AiRazor. It is less costly and I believe they are equally effective (to remove PM2.5 particles in the air). I have recently bought their AR-100 Series fan (or circulator to be exact).


AiRazor is actually a spin-off company from NUS (National University of Singapore). It actually brings me a peace of mind knowing that they have done their research before letting these products out in the market.

If you think this AiRazor AR-100 Series looks like a fan, it is. The most interesting part about this air purifier is that it utilizes a super simple concept – clean the air while passing through it with its filter fitted over a cover. Check out the effectiveness.

They have other products too. I have already bought their Face Mask. Hopefully, it has nice fitting.

My AiRazor product has not been delivered yet. Hope to get them by this week. Actually, this is NOT the first product to use a fan with a filter system. Dyson Pure Cool is also one of them. It can actually trap PM0.1 particles. Of course, based on the price, the AiRazor is definitely a cheaper option.

If you notice that the AiRazor products look familiar, you are not alone. It looks like some of the fans that existed in the market. Having said that, if you have a 16-inch (blade) fan with a 18-inch exterior (cover), you can actually buy their filter and cover to fit it into your fan. There is no need to purchase the whole unit.

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Click Here to Check Out AiRazor

In my opinion, they should have a better payment system and I think they can innovate their products a little to make it more appealing to more people. If you are already using their products, do let me know your experience 🙂 .