Google introduces Pixel C Tablet with Magnet Keyboard

In today’s Google Press Event, Google introduces quite a number of products. First they have the Nexus 5X (from LG) and the Nexus 6P (from Huawei) smartphones, followed by two new products, the new Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio. However, I think the last product is the most interesting, the Pixel C (C for convertible) tablet.


The Pixel C is an Android tablet (10.2-inch) running the latest Android OS, Android Marshmallow (or Android 6.0). It has an unique magnet catch that allows a keyboard to be attached to it and can be tilt at different angles (100 to 135 degrees). It has the latest USB-C port. The keyboard is connected via Bluetooth and charged by the tablet via induction (according to the presentation that I heard) when they are attached together. Below is the highlights of the tablet’s specs.


The Pixel-C will be available during the holiday season with a starting price of USD499 (32GB). Unfortunately, the keyboard is sold separately at USD149. Do you think Microsoft has the winning formula all along? iPad Pro is following Microsoft Surface and now Google is also going towards that direction.

I am not sure if this Pixel C will be available in Singapore market or not. Will update everyone once I have the information.