honestbee promises NTUC FairPrice products delivery in next hour

Got this great news yesterday. honestbee and NTUC FairPrice announced a partnership to have FairPrice products delivered to customers within the next hour. All customers need to do is to order online via honestbee portal and receive their delivery in the next hour.


Since the official launch of honestbee on the 23rd of July, I have been waiting for this partnership. During the event, I talked to the founder, Jonathan Low, about this more “popular” supermarket chain in Singapore. Finally, it has happened.

To those who are new to honestbee, it is an online portal where you can order your stuff and get it delivered at a fee. What the game changer is, in my opinion, is that there are real people doing the shopping for you. It is NOT a warehouse where foodstuff are stored and delivery done from that warehouse.

Every time when you order your food via honestbee portal, you are ensured that an honestbee concierge shopper is doing the shopping for you. Here is the workflow when you order NTUC Fairprice products via honestbee: –

  • Customers enter their postal code and start adding products from their selected store
  • Choose a 1 hour delivery window (as early as the next hour)
  • Once order is placed, an honestbee concierge shopper at an NTUC FairPrice store will immediately start picking out the customer’s selected items (Do note that like shopping on your own, some products can invariably be unavailable. Customers will be able to choose similar items as replacements, making it both interactive and intuitive to your needs.)
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Currently, to celebrate this partnership with NTUC FairPrice, for new sign ups, they can get “Free Delivery for first orders above $10.”(limited time offer).

Go to www.honestbee.com for more details.

Do enter your postal code to see if NTUC FairPrice is available or not. I am sure honestbee is working hard to bring all the favorite brands to your doorsteps. If you do not see it, it might means that they are still working on it in your area.

Actually, from July till now, I have already seen some improvements in their website. It is now more intuitive. All said, I think it is better that you check it out yourself.

Click Here to Check Out honestbee