Naver V app helps to get closer to KPOP stars

Naver, the company behind the LINE app has a new app, V, that allows you to get closer to your favorite KPOP stars. If you are a KPOP fan, you can use this app to “stalk” your favorite celebrities. At the moment, I saw many “controlled” introduction of the celebrities (which is usual for KPOP stars).


Here are a few things you can do with V (Copied from their app description): –


  • Follow Celebs – Pick your favorite celebs and follow them. You can receive the notifications of upcoming broadcasts of celebs you follow on V. The more you watch the videos of a celeb, the higher you get “Chemi-beat” for the celeb.
  • Upcoming – You can see the schedule for all upcoming broadcasts on V. Don’t miss the broadcast with your favorite celebs!
  • Popular – In the Popular tab, you can see the most popular videos on V. Videos containing a lot of hearts are automatically displayed in the Popular screen; tab the heart as many as possible if you like what you are seeing.
  • What does “Chemi-beat” mean? – As a short form of “chemistry beat,” the V team coined the word “Chemi-beat” to express the relationship index between a celeb and me as beat count. Following celebs and watching videos (live or recorded) are ways to increase your “Chemi-beat.” We plan to provide additional benefits based on “Chemi-beat” in the near future.

Based on the information, V app is currently on beta mode. Formal broadcasting service only begins in September. I have tried the app. It will be very interesting if there are a lot of “Live” broadcast and behind-the-scene vids. One thing to comment is that the app is entirely in English which caters to most English speaking/reading countries. And some videos are like over 20 minutes which are super good if you are a fan.

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Not sure if the content can be found elsewhere. Currently, there are only a limited pool of celebrities but popular ones like KARA, missA, Big Bang, Girl’s Day, Apink, 2PM, GOT7 and etc. I suggest that you follow the companies too, like SMTOWN, JYPNation and etc for more information on the artistes.

Currently, the app is available for Android. I believe iOS version will be available later.

Click Here to Download V app for Android