Nokia OZO for Virtual Reality Filming

In the near future, when you talk about Nokia, you might be referring to their latest venture, Virtual Reality Camera. Meet Nokia OZO, slated to arrive in 7 days (counting down). However, thanks to the Verge, you need not wait so long to know what it can or will do.


At first glance, it looks like a sphere with many lenses. Based on The Verge, it has 8 camera lenses on it with 8 mics embedded to each camera lens (or optical sensor), and it is NOT a sphere. Check out the image below.


The Nokia Ozo can mount on standard tripod and is capable of capturing sound in three dimension. One of the strong points about the Ozo is that it captures in normal format and it can render the video for a first look in minutes. For most VR systems, it might take hours to render properly.

Official Nokia Ozo Website

You can watch Nokia Ozo video on a headset like Oculus or as a 3D video on site like YouTube. I extract this sentence from The Verge: –

The goal was to make a system that would integrate into filmmakers’ existing workflows, Nokia executives said, and not to trap them in proprietary file formats.

I think this is a great direction for future virtual reality filming. Hopefully the video quality is good. Here is a sneak peek at Nokia Ozo (actually this video from Nokia is a teaser which reveals nothing about it).

Click Here to Read More about the Nokia Ozo from The Verge


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