ASUS Announces LolliFlash for your Smartphone Photography

If you need an external flash for photography on your smartphone, ASUS LolliFlash might be the gadget you are looking for. You can plug in the LolliFlash into the 3.5mm headphone jack and it instantly turns itself into an external flash for your photography.


If you need to take video, this can also become a video light (but do note that its maximum output is only 13 LUX). With its built-in battery, you can use it wirelessly. At just S$17.90, I think it is very affordable to the masses. More pictures and specifications below. Do take note that some smartphones have headphone jack on the bottom.






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Press Release

ASUS Launches LolliFlash, Ultra-Portable External LED Flash

The compact smartphone external LED flash with dual-colour LED light and multi-colour filters for a fun photography experience

Singapore (30 June 2015) – ASUS today announced the launch of the LolliFlash, which is the smallest external flash to compliment the camera features packed in the ZenFone 2. The LolliFlash is a compact dual-colour LED light that can be easily attached to any mobile phone to provide ample light in low light conditions, delivering realistic skin tones in every photo. It is small and light weight at only 8grams and can be placed anywhere on the phone due to its wireless design to provide bright light to any lighting environment. Furthermore, multi-coloured interchangeable filters are also provided to create different lighting colours plus there are 3 light intensity levels that can be adjusted according to how much light is needed each time. The LolliFlash is available at $17.90 from 30 June onwards from the ASUS Online Store at .

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Powerful Flash with Multiple Usage Modes

The LolliFlash has three levels of light intensities, providing the best photos in any lighting condition. It also comes with 3 different silicone filters, in white, pink and blue. These sleeves act as colour filters that soften light and can also change the colour temperature. Furthermore, the white protective case blends the two LED light sources together so that the two points of light combine to form a sheet of light, providing the most ideal flash for photos.

Ultra-Portable Accessory Compatible with Any Smartphone

The LolliFlash is compatible with any smartphone and can simply be plugged into any 3.5mm audio jack to secure it to the device. LolliFlash, however can function wirelessly as it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 hours.  The LolliFlash can be charged by plugging it into a power source via MicroUSB.

Price and Availability

The LolliFlash is available at $17.90 at the ASUS Online Store at from 30 June onwards.