Office for Android Phone is Here

Finally, the real Office apps are here for Android phones. If you are still using Office Mobile, you have to read this. Microsoft has finally updated the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for smartphone usage. Previously, you can only get them on tablets.


What does that mean? It means that you can get almost desktop-like features for your office apps (EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT) on your mobile. Good thing is that Microsoft has tweaked the UI so that they are finger friendly, and they have added supported to other third party vendors like Dropbox, Google Drive and etc. Kudos to such a move.

I have been complaining about Microsoft mobile Office apps for the longest time and have been using third party software like Polaris Office, Handcom Office Viewer and etc to view rich contents.

Now, everything has changed with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint apps, especially I have Microsoft Office 365 account. BTW, they are to be downloaded individually (big file size).

This morning, when I read the Office Mobile update, I had a shock when it says that Office Mobile is not recommended for Android OS 4.4 and up. After reading through the “What’s New”, I finally got it.


This morning, I also received the email from Microsoft PR team updating me on the new apps for the smartphone. If you want to read the full content of the changes, please follow the link below.

Click Here to Read More About Office on Mobile for Android Phone

or if you need just a summary, here it is. Key features of Office apps for Android phones include:

  • Familiar and consistent Office experience: The Office apps combine the familiar look, feel and quality of Office with a touch-friendly experience designed for Android phones. Documents open and render beautifully, with all formatting and content in the right place. In addition, familiar navigation and menu options in the ribbon are placed at the bottom of the screen within reach of your thumbs so you can easily review and edit documents on your Android phone.
  • Do great work – anywhere, anytime: With these new apps, you can be productive anywhere.  Read, review, and make edits on-the-go.  Turn numbers into insights with easy insertion of charts, text and tables in Excel. Tell your story on-the-go with PowerPoint – review, make quick edits and even present right from your phone. Reflow documents in Word to make them easier to read and navigate.
  • Access your documents quickly: Create, open, edit and save files in the cloud from your Android phone so you can access them anywhere and anytime you need them. OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SharePoint are all available to you.
  • Work together: Share ideas, insights, presentations with others right from your phone. It’s easy to track changes, comment and mark-up docs so everybody knows the thinking behind the edits. Share your documents with others by simply emailing a hyperlink or attachment.
  • Easy to get—We’ve partnered with over 30 global, regional and local OEMs such as Samsung, Sony, LG and many more, to pre-load these apps on Android devices. Many of these devices will be landing in retail stores later this year.
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