Ninebot One E+ Officially Available at Falcon PEV

Falcon PEV today announced that they will be carrying the Ninebot One E+ officially. This is really good news for enthusiasts who wanted a reliable source to get their “Wheelies” (or electric unicycles).


The Ninebot One E+ is the latest PEV from Ninebot. Originally, it has the Ninebot One E (discontinued, I believe) with a shorter range. Now, the E+ has about 35km of mileage which I think is a good range for commuting in Singapore.

As mentioned, the Ninebot One E is an older version. So, do take note when you shop online for Ninebot’s products (from other sources). To be safe, I recommend you go to Falcon PEV for their professional service and warranty.

Here is Ninebot One E+ Features:

  • Travel Speed of 18 – 22 km/h.
  • Featuring an ultra fast charging lithium battery to ensure long riding distance (30 – 35 km) yet short charging time of only 1-2 hrs.
  • Iridescent atmosphere lamp is full of personality. Customisable light settings (via Ninedroid App), making your Ninebot One more stunning and visible at night.
  • Ninedroid App smart travel and tracking.
  • The top high-pressure casting craft of magnesium allow, spacious and elegant AIO pedal are with performance in skid resistance.
  • Non-visual lifting handle design.
  • Intelligent safety alarm system will be set off by speeding, over leaning, low power, internal malfunction and overheating.
  • Modular design allows owners to disassemble and replace components on their own.
  • Amazing shell designs and optional colours for customisation.
  • Net Weight of 12.8 kg

Click Here for More Information on Ninebot One E+

The Ninebot One E+ is distributed by Falcon PEV Pte Ltd and it retails at S$1,199 at their showroom and online at, it will be also available at authorized Ninebot dealers.

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As of this writing, Falcon PEV website is down as I suspect it might be overwhelmed by the traffic.

Personally, I have been contemplating to get this model for the longest time. It has some waterproof feature which I like and it has its own app, Ninedroid which is appealing to me. As for the rest of the features, I will need my friends at The Wheelies to help me out. Haha.