Hands on GoPro Hero+ LCD at BroadcastAsia 2015

GoPro announced the new GoPro Hero+ LCD yesterday. I was glad to be able to see and touch one at BroadcastAsia today. The GoPro Hero+ LCD is the second GoPro with a touch screen (first one is the GoPro Hero 4 Silver) and is an alternative the the GoPro Hero (entry level).


The GoPro Hero+ LCD, in my opinion, is an entry level GoPro with touch screen. It is supposedly to have an RRP of USD299,99. As this is so new, the people at the booth has to figure out some details.

First of all, the casing is NON DETACHABLE, like in the Hero. It is GREY in color.


The unit I saw has a hard cover on the back. I am sure it will come with membrane cover to access the touch screen.


And for your information, it is finally using a micro USB port!! We opened up the cover and here is a view with the Micro SD card being taken out.


Here is the side button which is similar to the rest of the GoPros.


The battery is not detachable (integrated). Not sure when it will be on sale in Singapore.

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