This Gekkopod might probably be the most flexible mount (video)

Has there been a time when you need someone or something to hold on to your camera/smartphone/GoPro at a challenging angle to take that perfect shot, but you could not find that someone or something? Well, Gekkopod is supposedly to help you solve all these problems 🙂 .gekkopod

The Gekkopod is an unique tripod that you can bend and twist to different shapes and angles. It is sturdy enough to hold on your devices while clinged onto some challenging position(s). Check out the intro video.

BTW, it is now live on Kickstarter and has reached its funding goal. Although you may think that this is NOT an unique solution as there are already others, in my opinion, it is the flattest and maybe the lightest.

Hopefully, the material it uses can last a long time with all the bending and twisting. Here is the link to support this project.

Click Here to Check Out Gekkopod on Kickstarter


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