Pricing for Sony Action Cam FDR-X100V, HDR-AS200V Out

If you are looking for an action cam, do check out the Sony latest Action Cam, FDR-X1000V and HDR-AS200V. Since the first version, Sony has managed to shrink the size of these action cams. In my opinion, they are really a strong competitor against all other action cam makers now, even though they are late in the game.


Here is the pricing. They will be available from 9th April 2015.



Here is the accessory page. Sony actually introduced this action cams in January this year at CES. Check out the January Press Release.

Press Release


Sony Introduces New 4K and Full HD Action Cams at CES 2015

Action Cam FDR-X1000V

(SINGAPORE, 6 January 2015) – Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging, has today introduced its most powerful POV camera to date, the 4K Action Cam.

The new Action Cam FDR-X1000V applies the company’s vast expertise in 4K video production to a compact, splash-proof POV camera design, allowing adventurers to capture stunning 4K content (3,840 x 2,160 @ 30p 100Mbps[1]/60Mpbs) with ease, which can then be played back on a compatible 4K TV directly from the camera via a HDMI cable. It also features enhanced HD video performance with upgraded video stabilisation, video quality and high-frame rate shooting.

The FDR-X1000V features a ZEISS Tessar® lens with an ultra-wide angle 170 degree[2] field of view, a back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and the acclaimed BIONZ X™ processor, ensuring that video quality remains consistently strong across all shooting environments.

Additionally, the new camera borrows the acclaimed full pixel readout technology from other high-end Sony cameras, including the popular α7S. This allows the camera to read and process data from all of the sensor’s pixels to create exceptionally smooth, highly-detailed 4K and HD videos in a variety of formats including MP4 and the high data stream XAVC S codec.

“I’m thrilled to bring the unmatched clarity and sharpness of the Sony 4K experience to our Action Cam line,” said Naoki Sekiguchi, Managing Director, Sony Singapore. “The innovative design and impressive technology in the new X1000V reflect our strong 4K background and intense commitment to the POV camera market.”

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“I’ve been lucky enough to test out the new 4K Action Cam on my skateboard, snowboard and surfboard, and have been blown away by the video quality,” said Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder and official Team Action Cam member. “The camera excelled in every shooting environment, producing stunning 4K footage unlike anything I’ve ever seen before out of a POV camera.”

Upgraded HD Video, Stabilisation, Control and Sound

The versatile new X1000V features an updated version of Action Cam’s leading SteadyShot™ stabilisation[3] technology, adding electronic image stabilisation that is approximately three times more effective at suppressing high-frequency motor vibration. This allows users to capture clear, vibration-free aerial footage using “drones” and enhances action footage of fast-moving subjects.

The camera can also shoot HD video footage at extremely high frame rates of 120p in Full HD and 240p in standard HD for impressive slow-motion footage, and has clean HDMI output for recording to an external device. On the audio front, the new Action Cam adds wind noise reduction that minimises wind interference with the stereo microphone, ensuring the best possible sound experience.

For the more advanced user, there is an expanded scope of manual controls and setting adjustments including white balance, andauto exposure shifting. Loop recording is also available, allowing users to maximise usage of available memory card space to ensure they get the exact shot they are looking for. The camera also features live streaming capabilities through the USTREAM™ platform[4], still image burst shooting, Motion Shot LE and a variety of other fun, interactive features.

New HD Action Cam AS200V with Enhanced Image Quality

In addition to the new 4K model, Sony has also introduced the sleek Action Cam HDR-AS200V, which shares many of the same advanced features and exciting technologies as the X1000V including full pixel readout image, improved image stabilisation, clean HDMI output and upgraded manual controls. The AS200V can shoot full 1,080p HD/50Mbps video[5] at 60p, 720p HD video at 120p and WVGA video at 240p.

“Highlight Movie Maker” in Action Cam

New to the X1000V and AS200V Action Cams, “Highlight Movie Maker” is a convenient function that automatically produces a short, edited highlight MP4 video of a recording session[6] – complete with custom background music – for instant sharing. The new technology uses an algorithm to analyse footage during recording, earmarking action shots, scene changes and other key moments and combining them into a shortened video clip that is saved separately and available immediately for sharing.

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New Live View Remote RM-LVR2

Sony’s new RM-LVR2 live view LCD remote is waterproof up to 3m (approx. 10ft) and is extremely useful in checking the framing prior to shooting. It features extensive control over the X1000V and AS200V Action Cams, including start/stop recording, movie playback (without sound) and deletion of unwanted files. Users can also utilise Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile™ application – available for both Android and iOS – to control the new Action Cam with a smart device via Wi-Fi. Multiple cameras of different models can be controlled simultaneously using either the Live View Remote or the PlayMemories Mobile™ application6 on a connected smart device.

Built-in GPS and Action Cam Movie Creator

The X1000V and AS200V camerasare also equipped with built-in GPS, allowing users to utilise the provided Action Cam Movie Creator software to produce custom videos with GPS Data Overlay. The software can also be used to merge multiple video files together and to add custom background music[7]to content as desired.

Coming Soon – Official Action Cam App

Sony will be releasing a new mobile application that offers customers a simple approach to pro-level video editing. The official ‘Action Cam App” will be available for download on both Android and iOS platforms in the first half of 2015.

New Action Cam Accessories

There are also a variety of new accessories for the expanding Action Cam lineup, including the VCT-HSM1 Helmet Side Mount which easily adjust angles for better shooting angles, and the VCT-BDM1 Board Mount that adheres safely and securely to a surfboard.

Exclusively for the X1000V, the SPK-X1 Waterproof Case[8] keeps the Action Cam water-tight to depths of 10m (approx. 33ft), while adding the AKA-DDX1[9] dive door lets X1000V focus underwater at depths down to 60m (approx. 197ft).

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The new 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V, full HD Action Cam HDR-AS200V and accessories will be available in Singapore from Q2 2015 onwards.


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[1]  Requires Micro SDXC UHS-I Class 3 (U3) Memory Card.
[2]  When SteadyShot™ is set to OFF.
[3]  4K shooting mode not supported.
[4]  Requires a Wi-Fi router or smartphone capable of tethering.
[5]  Requires Micro SDXC (Class 10) or higher.
[7]  Requires Action Cam Movie Creator ver. 4.2.00 or later.
[8]   Same as supplied. Suitable for waterfront activity but not suitable for underwater activity as it does not support focus underwater.
[9]   Required to be used together with the SPK-X1 Waterproof Case.