Pictures with Different color variation of HTC One (M9) leaked

Could this be the real HTC One (M9)? These pictures were leaked on a German retailer. No one (again) can confirm if they are legitimate. Based on these high resolution images, it shows some differences as compared to HTC One (M8).


Before checking the differences, lets take a look at other colors.

Here is a gunmetal version.


And the Gold/Silver version.


Heard that there is a front gold/back gold version. Here is a picture of the differences between the leaked HTC One (M9) and  the current HTC One (M8)


I think they looked quite legit. I am not sure why HTC wanted to lose the 2nd camera which is great for those fake DOF shots. Hopefully, their decision is correct. I am thinking that this time round, HTC would focus on their camera and OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer). So far, all cameras on HTC phones are average. Not bad but not the best either.

In just a few more days, we will get the answer 🙂 .

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