Personalize your Home Lighting with Misfit Bolt Smart Bulb (video)

Want to set your home ambiance to a different mood for different occasions with lighting? Now you can do it with Misfit Bolt smart bulb. Using an app, you can easily control the lighting in the house to match the mood. If you think that Misfit sounds similar, you are right. It has its range of Misfit health tracker on their product list.


Currently, the Misfit Bolt is for Pre-Order and expected delivery date is February 2015. Not sure if it will be available for Singapore market. Some of the features of Misfit Bolt (in my opinion) are:

  • Can control the hue via the app.
  • Can set alarm to control the lighting condition
  • Compatible with Misfit’s tracker (Misfit Flash) to control the lighting (dimmer, on/off feature)
  • No hub needed to communicate via app with Bolt
  • Cheap at USD49.99 per piece

Here is a video of Misfit Bolt.

If you search around, you will know that Misfit Bolt is not the first to have smart bulb with different hue. One of the market leader, Philips, already has such products. However, it will need a hub (Hue Bridge) to communicate with the bulbs via an app.

And if you search further, you might find LIFX. It has all the features of the Misfit Bolt (minus the tracker) and has added feature like security mode (you can turn on the light remotely to simulate that someone is at home). And it seems that the light can be programmed to turn on/off at different timing (dancing light). The only setback is that it is expensive.

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If you are interested in Misfit Bolt, click on the link below to pre-order.

Click Here to Check Out Misfit Bolt