TechieLobang Year in Review 2014

Time flies. TechieLobang has been around for 7 years (since November 2007), bringing the latest Tech news around the world. I wonder if you have read about, or have I told you how TechieLobang started? BTW, since it is the end of the year 2014. I have compiled a “report card” as a mark to the end of the year and a start to an awesome 2015.



Started out as a passion to talk about gadgets and technology, the initial TechieLobang was raw and carefree (currently still carefree but more structured 🙂 ). There was no nice theme on the website at that time. Blog posts were written without thorough research.

However, over the years, thanks to readers (YOU), brands and companies (and the awesome PR agencies), TechieLobang has slowly evolved to become a Media/News outlet sharing official news, being invited to attend major events and writing reviews on the latest products.

I remembered a quote from Uncle Ben in the first Spider-Man movie.

..with great power comes great responsibility

Although TechieLobang is not like Spider-Man with super human power, it now has the “Power” to get and share the latest technology/social news via the website and other social platforms. With this “Power”, TechieLobang has the responsibility to ensure that the news and information shared are accurate. This is the believe that TechieLobang will uphold as long as it is around.

The success of TechieLobang can never happen without your (readers) support. So, here is a Report Card to end the year 2014 and to usher the New Year 2015.

Report Card

First of all, you may noticed that TechieLobang has lesser blog posts (856 posts) in 2014 as compared to last year. That is true. But, TechieLobang is actually bringing more news than before via other social networks. As the blogsphere evolved over the years, TechieLobang also evolved. With added engagement on Social Media platforms, TechieLobang is as busy (actually busier than before) as ever, providing the latest tech and social news on many other platforms.

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The most active platform (other than this blog) is the TechieLobang Facebook Page. Do check it out if you have time. It is the best place to get interesting news from the team.

A short summary video.

Top 3 News at TechieLobang in 2014

1. MH370 and MH17 prediction

Unfortunately, this post makes the biggest impact on all the 2014 posts with 122,444 views. It has been shared 50,400 times and garner 1,700 “Likes” on Facebook. It has also been tweeted 71 times. This is the first time a blog post on TechieLobang has hit such high viewership in such a short time.


2. StarHub response to MyRepublic on Broadband speed


This is an opinion post on StarHub and MyRepublic Broadband packages. It has been viewed over 22,000 times and share 358 times on Facebook.

3. MyWay Quick e-Scooter quick review


It was an impromptu decision to visit MyWay Quick e-Scooter official distributor. As many Singaporeans are getting interested in PEV (Portable Electric Vehicle), this post got more hits quickly. It has been viewed more than 12,000 times and shared 544 times on Facebook.

And here is one more post that deserves a special mention.

Special Mention: My Rant about e-Scooter


It is an opinion post about Singapore last mile option and the rules and regulation of such vehicles (PEVs) in Singapore. I believe it resonates well with the readers as it was shared 1,750 times on Facebook in a short period of time.


This year, we realized that you love to hear our opinions and news related to you. We will continue to focus and produce such news at TechieLobang. Recently, I also started to talk about Online Shopping. It was a personal decision. After doing some homework (while buying some stuffs from overseas), I realized that Online Shopping is going to be the next big thing. I had invested my time and money on ways for me and you to enjoy the full benefits of Online Shopping. I will be doing another round of Online Shopping Giveaway soon. I am sure they will come in handy for those online shopping fans.

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Recently, I also sent out an email to everyone in my mailing list to wish them a Merry Christmas. I was not expecting any response from them. Surprisingly, I received some heart warming responses. One of them told me that he could not even remember subscribing to my list but still responded positively.

Thank you very much. It is this kind of simple gesture that motivates me (and my team) to work even harder to bring the news (and goodies) to you.

Moving Forward, 2015

I wish I have more time to do reviews on new products or to attend events. It has been very challenging to juggle these tasks. Nevertheless, I like myself to be busy. As mentioned, I will concentrate on my Online Shopping venture. If you want to know more, you can contact me so that I can share with you separately.

To advertise or not to advertise

Finally, after so many years, I am seriously considering opening up advertising opportunities as a source of revenue for the operation of the website. I had mentioned in last year’s post about it but I decided to put it aside. I am sorry to those who did not hear from me despite many emails requesting for collaborations, advertising, partnership and etc. I will do my best to respond in 2015.

Blogging is still my passion. I hope to see more subscribers to the mailing list and to the YouTube Channel. With more subscribers and readers, I will be able to leverage with companies/brands to have more awesome giveaways or prizes in contests.

In 2015, I will find more articles related to Fashion and Technology. I think this will be the direction of fashion in future. In fact, I am already using the tag Fashionology in one of my posts already.

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BTW, if you notice or care, I have updated the ABOUT and the ADVERTISE page. Check them out if you have time.

TechieLobang on Social Media

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You can find me on my personal social media

Wishing Everyone Good Health, and a Very Happy New Year


Warmest regards,

Joe Teh, Founder