Scratch to win a prize with Logitech Holiday Scratcher

If you have a Facebook account, here is how you can win yourself a gift. Take part in Logitech holiday scratcher and the lucky person who got all 3 same pictures in the card wins.


I copied the rules of the game to show how simple it is to take part.

  • Scratch three circles with your mouse or finger (on mobile) to uncover hidden Logitech products.
  • You will have three chances to match three of the same Logitech product. By matching three of the same Logitech product images – you will instantly win the product shown.
  • Need another turn? Invite friends to play for more chances to test your luck.

Click Here to Win a Prize with Logitech Holiday Scratcher

This is exactly the scratch and win card that we always played except that it is in digital format. I tried but did not win. so, it is your turn to try now.


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