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OK. The title already sounds like a scam. How could you shop at your favorite stores (more than 4,000 of them) and still get cashback for buying your own stuff. “Too Good to be True. Must have hidden T&C somewhere” was my initial reaction. Read on before you make a judgement. And did I say I am going to give away free passes to my readers? 🙂



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A few days ago, I was given the opportunity to take a look at such a business model. After understanding the concept and meddling with it, I am blown away. For the fact that it is free to join (and you get money back from your shopping), I know I have to share the information immediately.

This kind of business model is not new but I believe it is still new in Singapore (because I don’t hear people talking about it). In fact, you might be the first to hear about it. I did a check on that the company. It has been around for more than 10 years (11 years to be exact). And it is catering to the Global market (that is how I get to be involved). It has offices in UK, US and Dubai.


This company works with more than 4,000 online sites and each time, you buy products through this company’s links, they get commissioned from the merchants.


We are not talking about merchants that we have never heard before. As avid shoppers and travelers, you must have heard about these stores (as examples):

  • BestBuy
  • Macy’s
  • Walmart
  • Target

These are some of the prominent shopping malls in US. This information gets me excited. I have been to US a few times, and each time, I will take the opportunity to visit these stores. They are super big and well stocked. Now, with online shopping becoming so popular, I can imagine buying from these stores soon. BTW, Macy’s is shipping to Singapore 🙂


Not only is this company affiliating from big shopping malls, it also dabbles on Travel deals. I can see Expedia, Budget (car rental) and many more. However, it is too much to cover on this blog post. I will focus on the shopping mall part.

So, how do we (as consumers) get the cash back?

The company receives commissions for purchases the members make from the merchants that they work with. They will then pass this commission back to the members in the form of Cashback.

So, how does the company make money?

It is not stated clearly (obviously) but it makes money by selling membership and commission. Free members get lesser percentage of the cashback and VIP members get more. Some of you might have red lights going in your head thinking that this company is selling membership. Depends on your views, the answer is YES and NO (from my observation).

  • If you are just a shopper wanting to advantage of getting some cash back while doing your usual shopping on your usual online shopping portals, the answer is NO. Just be a free member, enjoy the cashback feature and that is it.
  • If you are an opportunist (I can make you even more interested), an avid shopper and wanted to take full advantages of the cash back and referral fees (and knowing that it is going to pay for the membership price), it is a YES. This company likes you 🙂 .
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The Company

It is called DubLi. Not a fantastic name in my opinion but I don’t think you really care. BTW, before you go off and Google this company, I need to make this very clear.

I am giving away 5 VIP passes (for International users) worth USD49.50 each!!

But in order to give away, I need you to sign up their free membership with this LINK so that I can trace  you and pass you the voucher if you are selected. Details of the Giveaway is at the end of this post.

Back to DubLi. It has been around for some time (since 2003). And over the years, more merchants joined their program and currently, it is mentioned that they have more than 4,000 of them on board. I did not really count them. Most of them, as you may already know, are not operating in this region (Asia).

However, as Online Shopping is picking up rapidly these few years (especially in Singapore), more merchants are shipping direct to Singapore. Personally, I bought stuff from overseas (i.e. Amazon and etc) and I used HopShopGo to help to ship the goods back. So, it is possible to shop at these online shops and get your goods back to Singapore.

Here is a video on how you can earn cashback for your shopping.

Some people associate Cashback companies as scam. But in my opinion, if I can shop at my usual stores and I can get the cash back, why not?  As mentioned, Cashback is not new. Most companies will need you to go their website and click on the link to the store. It is really troublesome, and who will remember to do it.

Here is the game changer. With DubLi, they have implemented a Toolbar. It is an Extension for your Chrome or Firefox browser. Once installed, when you visit a merchant website, it will remind you that you can utilize the CashBack feature. Here is an example at Macy’s using my Chrome browser (as of this writing, there is a problem with the link to the extension for Mozilla browser).

Cashback not activated


Cashback activated

Once you logged in and activate your cashback, it will let you know (for a few seconds before it disappears)


Next, my favorite feature for this Extension.

You can Google (or use Yahoo) a product that you like. The results will show you if cashback can be used for the store. Now, you don’t even need to go to DubLi website to search for that particular shop. And some stores do have better cashback. It is your choice (remember? Shop only at your favorite store(s) ).

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Here is an example of a search on Google.


See the results (the results is on page 4 of Google search)? Super easy. Once I click on the link, it will bring me to the store and it will remind me to activate my cashback feature. In my opinion, it is almost invisible and I can still shop at my favorite stores. That is the reason why I rush to get this review out.

How to Cash Out the Cash from your Shopping

For those who are worried that it is difficult to cash out the “earning”, I will be out front with you. I have not tried it yet but I have setup all the necessary accounts to do it.

They can be cashed out via Payoneer via Global Bank Transfer or eWallet powered by Paylution (also from Payoneer).


You will need to get ready your Bank Account Number, Swift Code, Bank Code, Branch Code. You can ask your bank or you can just search for it.

For example, DBS (or POSBank), it shows:

  • Bank Code: 7171
  • Branch Codes: If there are 10 digits in your account number, the branch code is the first 3 digits of your account number. Example, if your account number is 0012345678, the branch code is “001”. If there are 9 digits in your account number, the branch code is “081”.

And for DBS (POSBank) Swift Code, you can check here.

To receive funds from an overseas party, please provide them with the following details:

  • Your name as per the records of DBS Bank
  • Your DBS / POSB Bank account number
  • Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank
  • Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
  • Country: Singapore
  • SWIFT Address/ Code: DBSSSGSG

Just a reminder. There is a fee for using this service ($3.99) for each transfer and the exchange rate (from USD to SG$) is not fantastic but it gets the job done.

But first, I urged you to try it out since it is free.

Here is my take on this concept and DubLi


  • It is free.
  • It has many merchants in their program. Some of them are very popular worldwide.
  • It has a vast variety of product to offer.
  • It is a one stop portal to earn Cashback
  • It has good tool to minimize the trouble of keeping track of these affiliated stores.
  • It can be incorporated in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo) making it easy for consumer to choose their products and store.
  • You earn cashback while shopping normally in your favorite online shopping portal (no shabby or unsecured websites. Only websites you trust)


  • There is no app. You need to access or shop via the computer.
  • There might be trouble if you share computer with another person with DubLi account. You might need to clear browser cookies to avoid your cashback being sent to wrong account.
  • Many stores are in other regions and not all stores ship to Singapore.
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As I am new to DubLi, I need more time to digest the content. However, I do have good news. If you are already an avid online shopper, I have 5 VIP passes for you. Details in the Giveaway below.

More Info on DubLi

For those who are interested in getting more out of DubLi, I can provide even more information (especially on the various revenue streams). However, I will not bore the rest here. I have set-up a emailing list so that I can reach you. I just need your first name and email address (I promise I will not spam you except the good stuff 🙂 ). Note that I ONLY those who are genuinely interested on DubLi. If your friends are interested, please share this post too (Maybe they will thank you later).

Note that an email will be sent to you. You will need to confirm subscription in order to receive information. I will see you inside.


5 VIP annual vouchers to give away. They are worth USD49.50 each (for a 1 year period). Do note that they are for International users.

Note: The International Voucher can be redeemed in any country EXCEPT: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Puerto Rico.



For the record, you will need to pay USD0.99 to activate the voucher. This rule is not by me but by the company. I think it is still a good deal. USD0.99 for USD49.50 and you get cash back for shopping your favorite stores.

How to receive the VIP Voucher

Submission Date: 11th December to 15th December 2014 23:59hrs

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That is it. I will randomly choose 5 person via a random number generating app. My decision is final. Good Luck!!

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