YotaPhone to participate in Hackatron Asia Singapore

YotaPhone is participating in the Hackatron Asia Singapore 2014 , organised by Tech in Asia alongside Paypal and Samsung, this coming weekend (6th and 7th December). And the YotaPhone (dual screen smartphone) will be used for the first time in this event (hence the name YotaHackathon). If you are interested, do read the information below.


Press Release

The World’s First Dual-Screen, Always-On Smartphone seeks Hackers to Build Innovative Apps at Hackatron Asia Singapore 2014

The Hackathon

Partnering with media site Tech in Asia, Yota Devices will kick start its first Asia Hackathon in Singapore at the Hackatron Asia Singapore 2014 to be held at the Le Danz, 222 Queen Street on the 6th and 7th of December.

From implementing apps that uses the phone’s dual-screen to its fullest advantage, such as increased interaction, productivity or engagement, or a possible comeback of retro games in monochrome on the EPD display, this Hackathon is a great opportunity for developers looking to tap their skills on an innovative device- the first of its kind in the world-with the leverage of expanding their reach beyond Asia, given Yota Devices’ current presence in the Russian and other European markets.

Three Hackathon prizes are up for grabs, combining to a total of $3,000 in cash prize, exclusive YotaPhone2 devices, and a chance to preload one’s app onto the phone with co-marketing efforts involved. However, the biggest takeaway from this competition isn’t the prizes, but the opportunity to be a part of an incubation program. Members selected to be a part of this program will then receive mentorship and training in a co-working space, designed to be an innovative hub for talented developers to come together. Successful teams will have the opportunity to have their app pre-loaded and co-marketed together with the launch of YotaPhone in Asia. In line with their global expansion plans, YotaPhone also has plans to hold a hackathon in the United States at the end of this year.

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About YotaPhone

The world’s first dual-screen smartphone is on the search for developers in Singapore to create and adapt exciting apps suited for the world’s most innovative mobile device yet. The first of its kind, the YotaPhone is equipped with both a full-color display on one side and an electronic paper display (EPD) on the other, allowing engagement between the device and its users like never before. Resulting with a phone that has a longer battery life, less glare, and the ability to feature more apps at once, organization and productivity amongst other efficiencies increases twofold with this mobile device, packaged in a sleek and minimalist design. Already, Yota Devices has garnered international press recognition and awards, winning the Cannes Lions Award for Innovation, CNET Best of CES 2013 Award in Mobile for YotaPhone and PCMag Best of MWC 2014 Award in Best Phones for YotaPhone.

YotaPhone will be available across Europe, Middle East and Asia before the end of the year.

For sign-up information, registration as well as event schedule and the breakdown of prizes on Yota Hackathon, visit www.YotaHackathon.com.


Mentors Profile

Some profiles of the mentors during the event.

Jimmy Wong, VP of iAxil 

Jimmy has spent 15 years working at startup and multinational companies in Silicon Valley, where he successfully built and grew multiple high performance teams. Jimmy was also instrumental in starting and growing the Asia Pacific regional business at various silicon Valley companies. Jimmy held senior marketing and business management positions at Juniper Networks, Nortel Networks, Hewlett Packard, and Alteon WebSystems. Currently, Jimmy is the VP of iAxil, the venture acceleration arm of Ascendas.

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Naveen Kumar, Principal Architect for Yota Devices

Naveen has more than 11 years of experience in software product development and product management in the consumer electronics industry  (mobile and TV). He has worked in the US, Europe and APAC regions for FORTUNE 500 companies including SAP (Sybase) and Philips. He has designed and architected solutions for clients such as Samsung, LG, Motorola and Blackberry, and has been responsible for introducing many first of a kind products to the consumer market through the firms he has worked for. At Yota Devices, Naveen is responsible for reviewing the company’s technical product requirements, developing the solution architecture specifications, defining the overall software architecture and managing the ODM software team and its deliverables.

Stefan van der Bijl, Managing Director of Valdebrains Asia

Stefan has a vast background spanning 20+ years in technology creating apps, websites, and solutions for large companies like Walmart, Taser, and Shop.com and smaller start ups. He is currently the Managing Director at Valdebrain Asia Pte Ltd, a boutique software consulting practice based in Singapore.