Kids, if you bend an iPhone 6 Plus purposely, it will bend, get it? (video)

With the Bendgate reported widely on websites (including TechieLobang), some kids thought that it is a good idea to bend some iPhone 6 Plus. Actually, I don’t give a damn about bending the phones but they crossed the line when they went inside an Apple store to prove that the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent.


Come on, the iPhone 6 Plus has a large surface and a thin structure made of aluminium. If you try to bend it hard enough, it will bend, because aluminium can bend. We already know. You don’t need to show the world about it on phones that is not yours. Those people that bend the iPhones are using their own iPhone 6 Plus (sponsored or not sponsored, I am not sure).

BTW, the video shows that it is actually not so easy to bend the iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, a few might have their screens popped out but did you not see this video?

My point is not about you telling the world that iPhone 6 Plus has a bendgate issue (we already know). My point is that you actually went into a store to do this and it is NOT RIGHT! Get it?

BTW, this video is from another source. I am not going to promote their video channel here. For those who want to bend a phone, please use your own phones, OK?