Yes, you can bend your iPhone 6 with bare hands (video)

News are coming fast that some iPhone owners are experiencing some bends on their spanking new iPhone 6 Plus. It seems that this happens when owners put their iPhone 6 Plus in the front pocket. I presumed that the pocket must be tight enough to create a pressure on the iPhone 6 Plus.


Many might not realized that the iPhone 6  or 6 Plus chassis is made of aluminium and if you have worked on aluminium before, it is quite “bendable”. Here is a painful proof that the iPhone 6 Plus can really bend when succumb to large force.

Notice that the bending point is the point near the volume buttons. I believe that is the weakest point on the chassis. I think the best way to prevent it is to add a bumper or a cover to your iPhone 6 Plus to strengthen it.

Those that held the iPhone 6 Plus before will agree with me that it is super light and thin. I have no doubt that it can be bent. It is just unbelievable that it can be bent by just putting inside a pocket. Did the engineers at Apple not realize this vulnerability??

And I believe the same can be applied to iPhone 6 owners.