Huawei teases with 7 Mates For 7 Dreamers prior Announcement (video)

Huawei is going to unveil somethingĀ at IFA 2014 this coming 4th September 2014. As part of the countdown, they have uploadedĀ a teaser. Can you guess what product(s) they are going to announce?


Here is the teaser.

It is just 6 more days before the unveiling. Here are the 7 profiles of the dreamers (this is what Huawei calls them).

  • Live for Courage
  • Live for Thrill
  • Live for Creativity
  • Live for Joy
  • Live for Celebration
  • Live for Passion
  • Live for Adventure




Not sure what I am talking about?

Check out the Huawei Dreamers’ Profile

Hopefully, the product(s) they are announcing can live up to the expectation of the consumers.


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