Apple to unveil reversible USB cable for lightning cable during iPhone 6 launch?

Rumors are going strong stating that Apple might be changing the current lightning cable to one that has a reversible USB port during the iPhone 6 launch. Not sure if it is true but these pictures are making it looks authentic.


On the right is the rumored new USB port for Lightning Cable

According to source, it might be a USB 3.0 as current Lightning Cable only supported up to USB 2.0. And some sources are saying that this might be the new USB 3.1 standard.

Here are some more “proof” that this cable exist.


True or not, we don’t know. Just have to wait for the official announcement. Wait, if you have been reading my blog, I must have said that sentence a thousand times. Get used to it. This is why leaks and rumors are so exciting 🙂


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